Personal – Relationships, love, hope!

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Personal relationships matter!

When someone wants to heal, the best place to start is usually with our personal relationships. The people in our homes, the “friends” we have or the organizations we belong to.  Are they beneficial to us?  Do they own us?  Do they help us to prosper and be whole and well?  Or do they sap our energy and drain our life and blood?

The reason people do not heal is often in the personal relationships we have and our attitude and view of life.

One of the things most people do not think about under personal is money.  Who do you owe?  The fact is that when you borrow money you become a slave to the one who loaned it to you.  They own a piece of you!  That Personal Relationship causes many illnesses.  You need to structure your life to eliminate all debt.  Now that may seem far fetched but it is very possible to do.  Just try finding ways to get rid of some debts…  For example…

I do not have a credit card!
I save for the things I want.
I do not have a car payment either!

Really it is possible to eliminate many of these debts, and work to a point that those debt relationships are not pulling you down, nor pulling down your health.

Make your New LipHe (New Life) a debt free life!