Environment – This includes our home, work, and everywhere we live.  It may be the pollution in your own house, or the stress at your work.  It would surely include whatever touches our body, including our Enterprise, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Employment our livelihood activity, our goal, purpose, occupation, work, job, business, employment, and home!

“If you don’t like your job, Quit!”


New LipHe

Memory Aids:

Environmental Health

Environment of Life

The eighth and last principle of the New LipHe program is Environment.

Environment is simply where we live.  It is the toothpaste we put in our mouths.  The shampoo on our hair.  Our bath soap. The chlorine in our shower water.  The pollution of light, sound, air and stress.  It is what actions you take in your livelihood!

E2 could also be Entrepreneurship or Employment or Enterprise or Emotions from Environmental Stress (like work!).

What do you do that makes you useful?  If your employment is something you do not like, then you may be wise to just quit your job. That would be better than dying, right?

Remember that Environmental Enterprise – means what you do…  If you do not like what you do, stop it and go do something else. Do not keep doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Stress from work or business is one of the most disastrous things in our life.  If you are always fighting, always arguing, always being frustrated and angry, you are dumping a lot of acid into your system.  Your pH or Potential Health is failing!

No amount of alkaline pH in the Fyuel we eat will be enough to overcome the acid we produce when our Environment is not in harmony.

If you don’t like your job, then quit!  There are a lot better ways to make a living!

If your shampoo, soap or cleaning solution is an environmental disaster – throw them out and be kind to yourself.

If you are sleeping next to a cell phone tower – move!

If you have Wi-Fi in your home – shut it off!

If light comes in your window – get a shade.

I highly suggest you through out your TV!  Or get TiVo so you do not have to watch the commercials.  TV and most radio commercials will kill you. Don’t let them near you!

If you gave a cell phone, don’t have it in your bedroom at night. Or shut it off!

If your air is polluted, consider moving!

That doesn’t mean don’t work – we all need work – just do work that agrees with you!

And take some risks!  Perhaps leave the job and home that is killing you, and move to a more peaceful place.  Start a business you can love and enjoy the work.

Get rid of the Environmental Stress!

One note, Entrepreneurs usually work harder than Employees, yet they thrive!  If you do not like your Employment, consider becoming an Entrepreneur, it could be the best change you ever made.