New LipHe

We fail to see the importance names. A noun is simply a name, a name of a person, a name of a place, or a name of a thing! Most of the things we say, are actually names (nouns).

Mud pie is a chocolate-based dessert pie that originated in the USA. The treat contains a gooey chocolate filling on top of a crumbly chocolate crust. Mud pie is also a game kids play “baking” mud on sidewalks or driveways into pie looking dirt to play with. Which pie is actually a poison? The former. Which pie is actually better for you to eat? The latter. Which pie do we name (label with a noun) as “food”? The former!

Mud Pie illustrates one problem we have when we decide to take charge of our existence and create a New LipHe based on our unique design. People who are concerned about their health and wellbeing are thrust straight into a battle of many people trying to redefine words to suite their own purposes.

The other day I happened past Kenny Rogers Roasters in the mall and the man at the door was informing people that they now serve a new, low calorie, healthy fish meal. Healthy compared to what? Healthy compared to their normal chicken meal (high fat?). I have noticed the same type of thing at other fast food places too, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Jollibee, Shakey’s, you name the place and they offer “Healthy” food.

But is it really healthy? Is it really food?