New LipHe

pH – I must balance my life like pH!


pH – We must balance our lives like pH!

New LipHe

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pH needs to be balanced!

When people think of pH they usually start thinking about what they heard about making their body more alkaline. Although that is a good idea and we will talk about doing that elsewhere…

The pH Directive is about balancing our lives. If yin were acidic and yang were alkaline, then consider that we need a balance of both to have our New LipHe (New Life). Yin alone will kill you, as will Yang. The Yin and Yang work together to go round and round the circle of life.

So it is with our body. To acidic and we die… Tod Alkaline and we die! The truth is there is a very small, even tiny, pH range in which the human body can exist. So is our life. We need to balance our fyuel with our exercise. Our water, sunlight and fresh air, our stress, relationships and work are all areas we need to balance to reach the proper LipHe pH!