New LipHe

Memory Aids:

New Vs Old

New – We must create a New Lifestyle!

The first guide is simply New!
New as opposed to Old.

In order to find a New LipHe, we must be willing to abandon the old life. It seems so simple. Yet, many people want the New without letting go of the old.

For example, people come to this site because they are weak, sick or ill. Many times they think they have a sickness or a disease. That is what the doctors have told them. I was told I had a lot of diseases like Celiac Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Gout to name a few. Are these really diseases? I now think of my old life as being in Dis Ease! It is uncomfortable to be lacking in Health! My old life was lacking health, my New LipHe is about health. Again, my old life was unhealthy, my New LipHe is healthy!


Dis·Ease meaning uncomfortable, no disease meaning something evil going on!

My old life was introducing toxins, poisons, carcinogens (stuff that causes cancer) and worst of all, what I call picotoxins. Pico means like one trillionth, so these would be the very smallest in things that cause death! Death as in uncomfortable (Dis·Ease) and death as in un·health!

The War!

Doctors love to fight disease! Really, medicine has a war against hundreds of kinds of disease. Every year they come up with new weapons to fight disease. New Pills, New Shots, New Procedures, New Treatments! And they sell these to us every day. They invent them, they make them, they sell them, they tell us we need these to fight our diseases, and they wait for us to spend money to buy these new medical weapons.

But according to what they tell us, we are losing the war to disease!

No Cure

I was told there was no cure for my diabetes.

Doctor after doctor told me there was not way to cure my diabetes. All I could do is to take pills and shots a number of times a day – for the rest of my life – so I could continue to live. They told me that without the medicines they prescribed and I had to find a way to buy, I would die.

Hey, I was scared. When a doctor tells you take these pills and inject yourself 5 times each day or you are going to die… would you believe him? Well, I did! I did so much I did what I was told without question until one day, without rhyme or reason, he told me to stop taking the diabetes medicine because it was making me sick! My doctor eventually told me that I had cured myself of diabetes.

Suddenly I was adding a new verse to the Impossible Dream from the Man of La Mancha…

“To cure the incurable disease!”

Entering in to an Exchanged Life!

I had recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease (in 2007) and was told to avoid any gluten.  Zero gluten or the gluten free diet as it is called.  But I live in the Philippines, a country with no budget for label law endorsement.

From my spiritual life, I had entered into an exchanged life, I invited Yeshua to direct my life and exchanged my old life for his wonderful new life.  Face with my problem on how to eat food that had no gluten, I quipped that I needed to eat just raw fruits and vegetables…  I needed a “New LipHe” for my body… The idea stuck with my wife and I trying to do just that.

45 Days Later

45 Days Later I was sicker than ever.  I was thinking to go to the hospital, but stopped into my doctor.  After testing, I was told to stop taking all diabetes medicine, they were what was causing me to be sick because I did not need them.

The Cure

Asked what I was doing, I told about my New LipHe and he told me I cured my diabetes!

It was then I realized that there was really no cure for my diabetes. It was a lifestyle dis-ease. I had diabetes because of my old lifestyle and what I really needed was a new lifestyle and a new life!

Therefore the first directive is that what you do must be…


If you always do, what you’ve always done…
Then you’ll always get, what you’ve always got!

The solution is to get rid of your old life and start a New LipHe