New LipHe

HeHe is My New LipHe designer…

He – We accept the “He” in our design!

New LipHe

Memory Aids:

He created me, I have a design.

He designed me.

Virtually all scientist today believe in some form of intelligent design. There is a God, a higher power, a designer. “Thank the Maker!” (3cpo in the movie Star Wars!)

When we design a car, we must decide if it will use Gasoline, Diesel, Alcohol, Kerosene, LPG or Jet-fuel! Put the wrong fuel in your car and it may likely explode. At the least it will damage and ruin your car!

When we design a tire, we need to know what we plan to drive on, dirt like a mountain trail, sand at the sea, ice on a winter highway, the smooth surface of a high speed race track or well maintained and smooth pavement on a city street or highway. Without the right design, we will likely crash and burn!

People crash and burn out too. Because they do not realize there is a Design, And a Designer!

Now we are not going to start a religious debate about what religion is right or wrong. I really suggest if you like your religion, if it meets your needs, then keep it! Whatever religion you are, do not change unless you feel you need to change!

I have no religion and I do not feel I need to change that fact!

But I do have a faith and belief in He! To me, He is Yeshua! Maybe you do not know that name. It is slightly different in different religions. But basically, we believe “Yeshua is the maker!” Here are the words of one of his closest disciples…

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. ”

The two things to notice here is that all things were made by him and life is in the light of people! We are luminous beings of light and spirit, not fleshly beings of that will cycle back to the dirt from which our bodies came!

Do you have to believe in Yeshua… Not really. New LipHe (New Life) will still work for you! Of course, if you have a religion, or even if you do not, virtually everyone believes in Yeshua in someway or another.

Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Buddhist, they all in some way believe in Yeshua. So as far as faith and belief are concerned, I also believe. But I remind you that as far as religion is concerned, I have no religion. So if you have a religion and it meets your need, feel free to keep practicing your religion while you create your New LipHe (New Life).

All that this directive ask you to believe is that there is a design, and therefore there is a designer! Someone with a higher authority on the subject of human design than say our medical researchers who continually say they do not know why nor how humans actually work!

The Quran (ar-Rahman:68) says that “fruits, palm trees and pomegranates” were provided for our nourishment. Many who follow Islam are Vegan or Vegetarian.

Hindus also have vast numbers of Vegetarians.

Christian, Jews, Buddhist and others point to their holy writings to places that proclaim the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

Most religions allow the eating of some meat. Yet, in virtually all religions some meat and sea food is restricted. Often animal products must be prepared in a certain way or with kindness or thanks and without cruelty. For example Kosher or Halal.

Likewise, it is acceptable in all religions to eat a vegetarian diet!

This all points to one conclusion, there is a “HE!”

Across the board and around the world, people accept that HE designed us. And everywhere it is generally accepted that He made us! Our purpose is to discover what is our design and how to acquire a New LipHe (New Life) by aligning ourselves with His Design!

Insight – Yeshua (He) made us by design – “We are created with a Design!”

To gain real insight into our New LipHe (New Life) we need to really look at how our design relates to our fyuel. Do you realize that the best of fyuel for us follows the same DNA foot prints?

The Food (money making) Industry is telling people to eat outside of that DNA foot print and therefore we are creating health problems…