My New Life

My New Life!

~ by Lan Tait ~

My ~ Only I can make My New LipHe
New ~ I begin My New LipHe daily…
Lip ~ My New LipHe crosses my Lip
pH ~ I balance My New LipHe like pH
He ~ He is My New LipHe designer…
Life ~ I must live My New LipHe

My New Life

In the positive affirmations poem, My New Life, our founder, Lan Tait, describes one undeniable truth and five guides to a New Life.

The Five Guides, New, Lip, pH, He, and Life, we will look more closely at on other pages.

My ~ Only I can make My New LipHe

It is one simple undeniable truth  My health is really no one’s responsibility but mine!

The last time I ate that pizza, or burger, or soft drink, or beer, or ate those cakes, cookies, candy or ice cream, no one was there force feeding me.  No one was there stopping me either!

Most of my life has been pretty much my choice.  The days I decided to lay on my couch or bed and watch TV all day.  The things I say, and do…  That also is my choice!

In fact, I am making choices all the time, not just what to eat, but what lifestyle I choose.  I sometimes even convince myself that this is the good life, or that everyone (even me) suffers some…

Nonetheless, it is still My life, and when I get right down to it, I am really the only one that can change it.

Getting A New Life

Because you are here, checking out how to get a New Life, I am going to assume there is something wrong with your life.  It is actually purely logical… If your life was perfect, you wouldn’t be here.  Right?  So, logically, there is something wrong with your life that brought you here.

So let me give it to you straight.  I am not here to sell you a bunch of over priced pills with my name and photo all over them.  I do not have my own Vitamin brand… No Super Supplements, No Super Foods, No Super-Mins (pretty good huh?) and nothing to take you up, up and away.  Just the down to earth TRUTH!

The Truth

The Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the TRUTH!  As you can see, I was once a fan of TV (Shades of Perry Mason, Batman!).  Today I have weaned my self off of that poison box and My life is much better off without it!  Yes, I have turned into one of those health food hippies (less the health food and less the beads and hippie clothing and less the long hair too).  Actually, scratch that… I am not like a health food hippie at all!  I just really have a great life and Television just poisons anyone’s life!  (The truth is TV is designed to poison both your mind and body – so try to watch a little less of it, ok?)

Well, anyway, I am committed to telling you the Truth.  The first truth I discovered is that we are made by…


That is right, we were made by design.  Hey, didn’t we, sorta, already know that?  I mean, that is why kids look a lot like their parents and grandparents, right?  However, if we were made by design, then that means that we have a designer!  Wow!  Religion and Evolution!  What does that have to do with health and life?  Well, sorta everything.  If we have a design and a designer, then we also have hope that we can learn what our design is?

So who is our designer?  Well, you can call him YHWH or YHVH.  Allah works too.  God, Jehovah, Diec, Yah, Yahwah works good too.  I am not to picky about what you call him.  Maybe you believe it is Do and Ti in a space ship following the Hale-Bop Comet with all the Nuts (Notes?) in-between!  I will call him Yeshua, but if you want to call him Jesus, it is ok with me.  (Jesus is a name made up by Daniel Case and added to the Bible in 1729.  No book or scroll if scripture before that every used Jesus… Therefore, the name Jesus is less than 300 years old! – that is the TRUTH!)


That is the Hebrew name that Mary likely called her little boy.  The scriptures of the disciples, reveal this for anyone with a serious need to study it.  The point of this is not about religion, or about names or anything like that.  The point is that we have a design and we have a designer.  That is the truth.  How do I know, well, because science has proven the existence of a creator, a designer.  So I guess now you are going to ask me for…

The Proof of God!

Did you ever hear about DNA?  Of course you have.  That is how they can prove a bunch of criminal stuff, right?  Well, yes.  DNA is our own special little code that is in every cell of our body.  We got half of it from our mother and half from our father and it combined together to make me! Or you!  We are Unique!

Each person, except Identical Twins, has a Unique set of DNA, half of their code they will pass on to each of their children.  It is a pretty neat system actually.  The designer had a really great idea!  The Proof of the designer is the CODE.  Being Unique is not the same as being a code.  Snowflakes are unique.  They are formed due to rain drop size, wind speed and direction, temperature, and other factors.  Each snowflake is unique, but they have no code.  They are just a result of chance.

Science tells us that a “code” must be able to be encoded and then decoded to replicate something or some feature that cannot be seen in the encoded state.  All writing is a code.  If I type banana, apple or mango, in your mind you likely think of the fruit.  In the English language, the English Code, it is agreed upon what each of these words mean.

One day I went to my doctor and he told me to remember, “Thou shalt not eat salt because it is asin!”  I knew he did not want me to eat salt, due to my high blood pressure, but saying it was “a sin” seemed like he was going a little too far.  Would I really go to hell just for eating some salt?  As it turns out, salt actually is asin.  Asin is a Filipino word meaning “Salt”.  He encoded salt to the Filipino word asin to joke with me, but I was not able to decode the word.

So, a code must be both encoded, decoded, and understood or replicated!  That is what science says.  AND they add that ALL codes are by intelligent design.  No code was ever created by chance.  That is one of our laws of science!  Therefore, using the laws of science, scientists have proven the existence of a creator!  Actually, today there are very few, if any, scientists who do not believe in a creator.  The fact has been proven to them way beyond any doubt.  It is politicians, businessmen, and corporations who stand to lose huge profits of people actually learn the truth.  Therefore, text books are still loaded with lies.

Lies Vs Truth

In 317 AD or there abouts, there was a shift in thinking.  From one of Absolute Truth, to the one business and politicians use today, Relative Truth.

Absolute Truth is always True.  Relative Truth may sometimes be true.  Milk is good for you… Relative Truth.  Dark Green Leafy Vegetables are good for you… Absolute Truth.  If you are starving to death, milk may be better for you than dying!  Relative Truth.  On the other hand dark green leafy vegetables, in some form, are really good for almost anyone to eat every day!  Absolute Truth!

I had a police officer friend who was always asking one question, what is the motive?  The police are required to use MOM to establish guilt: Motive, Opportunity, Means.   Example, if someone was shot and you have no gun, you have no means.  If someone is shot in New York and you and in Manila, you have no opportunity.  But motive, that is sometimes hard to detect.

Ily Lilly makes a drug for cows, that is believed to cause breast cancer in women who drink the cows milk.  The same Pharma makes drugs for women who have breast cancer!  They make millions selling the drug to get the cows to have more milk, and millions more selling drugs to women with breast cancer.  I wonder what the motive is for this.  Do you believe Ely Lilly really cares about women suffering from breast cancer?  Or do you think maybe their motive is to make money.


Industry just means it is all about making money.  When you hear about the Food Industry – it is about making money.  Same as the Banking Industry or the Automobile Industry.  Do car makers do all they can to protect people in their cars?  Think Toyota!  Does the Banking Industry do all it can to keep investors from losing their hard earned cash… Banks don’t go bankrupt and close do they?  Well, yes!  That is why we have a name for it… Bankrupt!

So not consider that the Medical Industry and the Food Industry and the Health Industry (including the not so healthy health food Industry) may all be more interested in your dollar than in your life – Scary Right?

So the TRUTH is that you and I have to take care of our own health and we are the ones who have to make My New Life!  The first is about what…

Health I’m In

Healthimin!  Wow!  That sounds like Healthy Men!

Just what kind of Health I’m In.  When I finally got around to asking that question, it was the day before I died!

No joke, my doctors said I was dying and if I believed them, I am 100% positive that I would be dead.  What I died to, is lies!  That is right, I stopped believing lies.  I started to seek the TRUTH in My New Life!  And that is the Undeniable Truth we must face.  There is a design and it is up to us to claim our own New LipHe by grabbing that design and making it work.

My ~ Only I can make My New LipHe