Q. What does it mean when you see a line of equal signs followed by a line of asterisks?
A. On the New LipHe website it means that part of the site is under construction.

Q. Why is there a capitol “H” in New LipHe.

A. First of all to remind us of the design.  We have a designer, “He” designed us. More than that our life is designed around balance, represented by the pH scale, that uses a capital “H”.

Q. Why is the pH in blue in New LipHe.?

A. Red is acidic and blue is alkaline. Our designer made us to have an alkaline pH (blue) when we are healthy. This also brings to mind one very important guide, balance. We all all unique. No two are alike. Therefore we all need a slightly different, unique, balance point in the Middle of our lives!

Q. Why is New LipHe. written emphasized or in italics?

A. We prefer to say it is slanted forward. If you look at a sports car, it seems to be slanted forward. This is to allow it to move ahead and progress. New LipHe. is also slanted or sloped forward to remind us that we have let go of our past or old life and we are moving forward into our new life.