What do you do when all five of your doctors tell you that you will be dead within a couple weeks, and you should get your affairs in order, and prepare for your funeral?

Lan Tait 240Kg (528lbs) with  presidential candidate Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva March 2004
Lan Tait 240 Kg (528 lbs) March 2004, with Philippine presidential candidate Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva


I am not sure how you or other people would handle this information, but I cried.  Well, really I broke down, it was devastating news.  In fact, in 2006 when it happen to me, I found myself trying to think of a way to relate to what was happening to me, a way to cope.  What I settled on was this scenario…

Picture yourself visiting a friend in a far away country.  It is a beautiful, seemingly all you could hope for in a vacation.  One evening, you decide to go for a picturesque walk, it is the evening before you are scheduled to fly home.  You just want to see one last beautiful sunset…  When suddenly you are tackled and thrown to the ground.  Rough handled, hand cuffed and shackled, you soon find yourself in prison.  You are falsely charged with murder a whole family of people!  But you KNOW all you were doing was watching the sunset and you did not even know anyone in that family.  You know you are innocent and you did nothing wrong.  You tell yourself this is only a mistake that will soon be discovered and you will be released.  Yet, you have no alibi!

Your trial comes and five witness point the finger at you and say you are the one who did it.  GUILTY!  That is the verdict, the penalty is DEATH!  You are taken back to your cell.  Your Attorney appears and tells you that your execution date was set, you have 14 days to live.  He offers to contact your family.  You ask about an appeal.  Your lawyer tells you that can only happen if you can prove your innocence (you know you cannot) or if you can prove who actually committed the murders (and you have no idea).

You break down, it is unjust, not fair.  You KNOW you did nothing wrong, nothing to deserve this.  You followed all the laws, did what was right, even went out of your way to try to do better than most.  Then you start to get mad.  Your only hope for freedom is to find out who did this and prove the facts…  That is exactly what I felt happened to me.

Sentenced to Death

When someone hands you a death sentence, whether in a court of law or a doctor’s office, and you believe you did nothing wrong, it first devastated you, and then it makes you mad!  At least that is what happen to me.  I was mad, really mad.  In my life, I had always had problems, real health problems.  I had tried to eat better, tried everything from health food store tips to the latest fad herbal medicines.  I had been poked (as in blood tests) and prodded (enteroscopy / colonoscopy).  I’ve been sound blasted (ultrasound), magnetized (MRI), ray gunned (x-rays) and even scanned by a CAT! (CT Scan!).

I have a few parts missing (like tonsils), but because of my “healthy lifestyle” I could claim to be the only male in my family who still had ten toes!  I have heard people talk about “high blood pressure” being about up around 160 or 170, but then realized they were talking about the top number, like 170/100, I could only hope my 250/170 would someday be that low.

Then there were the comments… Like the lab tech who asked me, “Who put your triglycerides on a rocket ship to the moon?”  Or “I’m sorry, our highly accurate equipment cannot get a good reading on you test, it is just to high (or too low).”  Or the nurse who joked, while I was standing as still as possible with one foot on each of two scales, “is it ok if I just write a quarter ton?”  Speaking of a fourth of a ton, there was the MRI at Cebu Doctor’s Hospital.  The Tech there came to report they could not do the MRI because the table would not move “with two people on it!”  Then to make it clear added, “it is only rated at a fourth of a ton, and it will not move.”  He helpfully suggested that the older MRI’s in Manila and Hong Kong are bigger.

So after all this humiliation, these doctors had the gall to give me a Death Sentence!  I am certain if I would have believed them, I would not be alive today to write this.  I now know that most doctors are trained by the pharmaceutical companies to lie to people.  Doctors are all about fighting disease.  They are great in a crisis, like a car crash.  But most doctors don’t know squat about being healthy!  I did not want disease, or to fight dis-ease.  I wanted to be at-ease and healthy.

Lan Tait March 2004 528 Pounds or 240 Kilos
Lan Tait March 2004 528 Pounds or 240 Kilos
Lan Tait Feeling Much Better in My New Life!
Lan Tait Feeling Much Better in My New Life!

I Fired My Doctors

It just seemed to me they all failed me, they were telling me I was going to die, and I was paying them to make me healthy!  So if they could not do what I was paying them to do, why should I pay them?  I fired them and took over my own care!  Finally understanding we trust doctors TOO MUCH, I started looking for some logical solution.  I found it in my childhood!

Healthy Childhood?

Even as a child I was often or usually sick.  Painful Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) just seemed to lead to other quasi auto immune disease symptoms.  It did not help that a doctor removed my tonsils at about age five.  Sure, no more tonsillitis, but it was replaced with the more serious pharyngitis and laryngitis.  The only light was when I was a vegetarian for a few years, that gave me an improvement in my health.

The Big C, Little C, and Middle C

Cancer and Vitamin C.  More exactly, as a child, I never really heard of cancer, except in a few very old people.  Also, when I’d visit my grandmother, she would always load me up with vitamins, especially vitamin C, and for some reason, I was always healthier on vacation at her house!

The Big C, Cancer, was on the rise, even in children and babies!  The little C, Vitamin C, people were scoffing at because it seemed one pill could not cure anything!  Doctors told me I “needed” a hand full of pills and shots (insulin) daily.  It cost a fortune and I wondered how Adam and Even could have afforded it! (Not to mention what Pharmacy they used!)

I got it in my mind that older people knew more about health.  I also started thinking about a dis-ease called Celiac.  It seemed I had a number of things in common with them.  Test and research showed me how bad gluten is for everyone.  Middle C, Celiac, I believe is a normal healthy condition of mankind.  We, all humans, are not designed to eat gluten!  I learned we all have cancer cells in our body, and we all react to different kinds of gluten, from different grains, mostly the “modern” grains low in B-17 (wheat, rye, barley, corn, modern rice, etc.).

Honeybun Saved My Life

One day I was so frustrated with packages that I blurted out, “The only way I can survive is to not eat anything in a package, just buy vegetables at the public farmer’s market and eat them just the way they are!”  Instantly, Honeybun, who grew up on a farm, answered me that if that would make me healthy, she would do it with me.  That was the beginning of my New Liphe (New Life!).

From Dis-Ease To At Ease!

Below (see Hostile Takeover Attempts) is a partial list of what I faced down and learned how to overcome.  People need to take charge of their own health and life.  Become the C.E.O. of Me, Inc.  Take your place as a “wellness warier” as Kris Carr says, and learn from the ancient masters how healthy you can become.

I say learn from the ancient masters, because long ago, people focused on and understood what it takes to be healthy.  They did not “fight disease” instead they enjoyed life.  That is just exactly what we need to do in order to allow our bodies to heal.

From Observation to Theory

Long ago, about 300 AD, there was a shift in the way people learned new things.  Before that, people would observe things, and, as the saying goes, “To see is to believe!”  People believe what worked.  For example, Scurvy.  Egyptians recorded its symptoms as early as 1550 BC.  The knowledge that consuming foods containing vitamin C is a cure for scurvy has been repeatedly rediscovered and forgotten into the early 20th century.  Scurvy, and a treatment for it, was known a thousand years before Scurvy was documented as a disease by Hippocrates, “the father of modern medicine and the first doctor!”  However, Hippocrates was smart enough to conclude that the therapeutic approach was based on “the healing power of nature” (“vis medicatrix naturae” in Latin).

One of Hippocrates most famous quotes is: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (but not thy drug!).  Today food (not fyuel) is our drug of choice, and it usually sends us off to the doctor for more drugs for the problems caused by our food drugs!  It is purely ironic that the healthiest and longest lived people on earth believe they should never eat until they are full!  Can you imagine any fast food place recommending their customers stop eating when they are only 80% Full?

After the mid 200’s AD people started to make theories to prove what works.  No longer pure observation.  At first, they would make a theory and then try to prove it worked.  This was not entirely wrong, however, it led people to start accepting theories, before they were actually proven.  Most disease medicine today is based only on theory.  For example, most people who contract colon cancer today will be given expensive treatments with chemotherapy, and then they will be in such pain, discomfort and sickness.  Finally, they will die.  On the other hand, treatment with high doses of I.V. vitamin C has just as high a survival rate, is low cost, makes the quality of life better and the same amount of people survive!  The main difference between chemotherapy and high dose I.V. Vitamin C is that the doctors and hospitals make a lot of money on the theory of chemotherapy.  There has NEVER been a double blind test with both sick and healthy people (or even with just sick people) showing the effectiveness of chemotherapy.  Yet, when I tell a doctor that I can cure most gout symptoms within a few days, they want to see the double blind study that proves it!  Truth is, doctors and hospitals have a double standard, and it depends on what bring them more money.

Therefore, what we do is look at ancient health, prior to the second or third century, to find real answers to how to be healthy!

And it works!

List of Hostile Takeover Attempts

Here is an incomplete list (of the top of my head) of the hostile takeover attempts I have faced while embracing my New Liphe (New Life).  It’s just to encourage you… Your body will heal itself if it can, all you need to do is give it what it needs and give it a chance!

  • Diabetes
  • Very High Blood Pressure (250/170)
  • Cardio Vascular Diseases
  • Enlarged Heart
  • Angina
  • Celiac Disease
  • Dermatitis Herpetiformis
  • Super High “Bad” Cholesterol
  • “Off the Charts” Triglycerides
  • Morbid Obesity (almost 500lbs)
  • Inoperable Brain Aneurysm
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Teeth that hurt so badly that I’d cry half the night
  • Feet painfully swollen
  • Sores that would not heal
  • Gout so bad I could not stand up



There is No I or U in Team!

(Actually there is no bcdfghijklnopqrsuvwxyz in team either! haha!)