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Iodine – The Holistic & Universal Super Mineral

Follow my amazing journey as I discovered I was iodine deficient, and so are you! 96% of Americans are lacking iodine. 72% of the world is also lacking iodine. (Except, maybe, the Japanese in Japan – who are the longest lived people on Earth!) […]

Nothing will keep me down!

I am bigger than this. I am not my struggles. I will survive this and overcome it. I will rebuild myself stronger than before. Watch me! […]

Welcome to your New LipHe! (New Life)

Welcome to your New LipHe! (New Life)

Your New LipHe (New Life) is just what you make of it!

This website is just presenting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As much as I know it to be true. This is the TRUTH!

All my life I wanted a New LipHe. […]