Welcome to Your New Life!

My name is Lan Tait. 5 years ago I was near dead. Bedridden for 6 months, without hope, waiting to die. People expected me to die. I was 52, I had lived 3 years longer than my mother. It was the end of my life, virtually everyone and every test agreed. I had a whole page full of dis!ease. DIS!ease for DAT!ease! Pills and shots and antibiotics of all shapes and sizes, and still I just got worse!

One thought or idea sparked in me ~ that there may be something I can do to change the outcome. It lead to another thought and another and another. The problem was in the design. It is ALL about the Design! I was designed differently than what I was living. We are All designed differently that what governments and big business want us to believe. That lead to my new life ~ New LipHe!

~ ~ It’s ALL about DESIGN! ~ ~

If you want a New Liphe Style it is up to YOU to get it.  Believe me, your doctors will sell you all the high priced pills, shots, treatments and surgeries he can, (It is called the Medical Industry – when every you see the word Industry it means to make as much money as possible!) But you doctor will likely not tell you about the things you can do, virtually for FREE! That is what this site is about.  To tell you what the doctors won’t – what they can’t.

The first letter of the New Liphe! is N!” It stands for Nutrition.  But this does not mean “FOOD!”   You see, we are not flesh and blood machines. We are spiritual beings. Everything we do has a spiritual side.  Spiritual is not the same as “religious.” I do not care what religion you are.  You can be any religion and the New Liphe Style will work for you to improve your life.

“If you want a New Liphe Style!
It’s up to YOU to get it.”

I do use a lot of quotes from ancient texts, these are often from the Bible because 2000 – 5000 years ago, people understood better about their design, and health, than modern doctors do today. This is NOT for religion, it is because these text have stood the test of time. People in religions have accepted them because they worked for them, for thousands of years.  Religion started to deviate from design, almost from the beginning, therefore older text are usually much more accurate than newer ones.

About 317 AD Government and Religion merged (and have stayed merged in various forms since then).  The government cannot be trusted to do what is best for our health.  This fact has been proven over and over and over again.  Therefore, the New Liphe Style seeks truth in texts that are from 1st century AD and before, and surely not after the 2nd century AD when governments got involved. We believe our ancestors were more aware of their Spiritual Beings and therefore more able to make wise health decisions.

“Modern research virtually always…
bears out these simple truths!”

I am open to health related text from any ancient writing that has stood the test of time of nearly two millennium (prior to the 3rd century AD when government started to merge with religion). With priority given to older text with a logical progression. In other words, if you tell me Breatharians are the optimum diet, I would like you to site one Breatharian who has lived in a verified Breatharian state for many decades.

I believe the Optimum Diet does NOT exist.  Not Now!  If you look at Genesis 1:29-30 as the Optimum Diet surely you have a good start or foundation.  The evidence is that people who go on this diet generally improve their health for six months, or a year, or a few years – depending on what their diet was like before they started.

Yet the Optimum Diet must be eaten in the Optimum Environment!  In the case of Genesis 1:29 this would be the Garden of Eden!  So this is a great, fantastic and wonderful Optimum Diet for all people living today in the Garden of Eden!  Just assuming some of my readers are, like me, not living in the Garden of Eden, this diet will not work for you!

~ ~ The Optimum Diet does NOT exist! ~ ~

Starting in the Garden of Eden, and followed quickly by the great flood, mankind’s environment has changed drastically. For example, since the invention of the internal combustion engine, our machines have consumed one half to two thirds of the Oxygen in our air!  So our bodies and our plants have less oxygen in our environment!

~ ~ The Optimum diet will not work for you! ~ ~

Actually no diet will work!  Consider the Industrialization of food – the “Food Industry” has changed our environment also.  Killing bacterium as well as pests and selecting food types with greater shelf life, for better profits, with a disregard for nutrition.  Not to mention processed “food” that humans should not eat and GMO, Franken-Food (as in Frankenstein!) or Genetically Modified Organisms.  If this poison wasn’t actually pushed on us as “food” ~ the whole story would make a wonderful sci-fi horror movie!

“Frankenstein loves Franken-Foods!
Do you want to be like him?”

Grow green veggies in a high oxygen environment, void of chemicals that would kill bacteria, and don’t wash it to get rid of pesticides that you did not use, and you have veggies with nice coating of B-12!  Our environment makes plant sourced B-12 nearly impossible to obtain!  People who follow a Genesis 1:29 diet find themselves malnourished in B-12, DHA and other things like Vitamin-C, K2 and D that the environmental factors have reduced or virtually removed from our daily eating.

~ ~ This Poisons Our Spiritual Being! ~ ~

All of this poisons the Spiritual Beings that we are.  Sometimes literally…

Consider what chemotherapy actually is?  It is a highly toxic poison that destroys our immune system.  There is no double blind test for chemotherapy to show it’s effectiveness or safety.  There are NO double blind studies for chemotherapy at all!  If you do chemotherapy on a healthy person, they will likely die!  There is no Health benefits in chemotherapy.  The hope is that by giving you this massive and toxic poison that the cancer will die before you.  However,  it rarely does!  Some doctors believe chemotherapy actually feeds and strengthens some forms of cancer!

In some cases of cancer, alternate treatments, like I.V. Vitamin-C, works as well as chemotherapy without the negative side effects (like killing your immune system! Or killing you!).  However, very few doctors will tell you this.  One doctor combined the two and got better results than the chemo alone – you would think that because of the low cost and no negative side effects, all doctors would do this.  But almost no doctor even offers it!  Vitamin-C earns no huge profits for the Medical community including doctors, pharmacies and hospitals.  Is that a conflict of interests?

This just touches on N for Nutrition, Spiritual Nutrition for our Spiritual Beings!  There are Seven more letters, or Nutrimins, in New Liphe! ~ ~ beyond Nutrimin-N for Nutrition!  (see above!)

Under Construction!

My body is under reconstruction and this website is under construction. Forgive me, I can only go so fast. Every week I add more TRUTH here. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! That is my goal and promise to you. If I make a mistake – I will admit it and post the TRUTH!

Don’t Blame Doctors

Doctors today are trained about dis~ease.  They are always waging war and fighting dis~ease.   Fighting dis~ease is not the same as promoting health.  In fact, most doctors in medical school receive only one hour’s worth of instruction about nutrition.   It is usually about how certain foods react with medications in the fight against dis~ease.   None of it is about how what we eat (including pills and eating sunshine) actually effects our health.

~ ~ It’s about regaining health! ~ ~

Nothing on this site is about fighting dis~ease – it is about regaining your health!

New Life Mission Statement!

Our Mission is to help people find release from their old life, and embrace the design of their New LipHe. In short, to show people the way to enter into an exchanged life (the old for the new) and to begin the wonderful journey their exchanged life offers them.

“Put the pH in your New LipHe”

~ Lan Tait ~

New Life Vision Statement!

Our Vision is one of Design. First and foremost, we, humans, are not cookies with a cookie cutter design.  We are Spiritual Beings, not machines made of flesh.   Of all the billions of people in the world, there are the same number of designs, each one is unique!  (Even “identical” twins have different sets of fingerprints!)  As such we have different and unique needs.  We have a Unique Design!

“Do not forget the He, Yeshua, in your New LipHe Design.”

~ Lan Tait ~

New Life Guides

New We must create a New lifestyle!
Lip What goes across our Lip effects our whole being!
pH We must balance our lives like pH!
He We accept the He in our design! We are created with a design! We have a designer!
Life We accept the responsibility of following the design for our Life in our Lifestyle.

My New Life!

~ by Lan Tait ~

My ~ Only I can make My New LipHe
New ~ I begin My New LipHe daily…
Lip ~ My New LipHe crosses my Lip
pH ~ I balance My New LipHe like pH
He ~ He is My New LipHe designer…
Life ~ I must live My New LipHe

New Life Nutrimins

N Nutrition fyuel, food designed for humans
E Exercise movements, kinetics
W Water good water design – hydrotherapy, hydration
L Light sunlight and illumination of our Spiritual Nature
I Inhale fresh air, “Inhale Air! – Oxygen is priceless!”
P Personal relationships, love, hope
H Hibernate sleep, hush, rest – Early to bed, Early to Rise!
E Environment our homes, goals, purpose, employment, work, or business

New Life Memory Tips

N.E.W. L.I.P.H.E.

Nutrimins Vs Picotoxins
(Nutrition Vs Poison)

Exercise is Essential
(Exercise is Not an Option)

Wash With Water
(Water inside and out)

Light up your Life
(Light Vs Darkness)

Inhale the breath of life
(Infuse Oxygen – Breath Deep)

Personal relationships matter
(People Passion – Seek Peace)

Hibernation restores my strength
(Hush now and sleep)

Environment of Life
(Environmental Health)


= = = = =

“If you don’t like your job, Quit!”

~ Lan Tait ~

New Liphe Style!